Friday, August 6, 2010

And Thats Why You Will Grow An Alien Head Out Of Your Shoulder When You're 40

Hello my British peeps! Here are some awesome news if you like flesh and cow puss!

Apparently, the "Food Standards Agency (FSA) had pledged to urgently investigate suggestions that a British dairy farmer was selling milk from cloned animals " earlier this week.

Yeah. This is some Robocop shit. Mixed with a little bit of Dolly, the beautiful cloned sheep.

But not only that my beautiful cream-lovers, yesterday the FSA claimed "that up to 100 cattle had been bred from clones on British farms" as well.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

So keep doing what you're doing. But please don't call me in a few years when you start to develop some weird mole that turns out to be a tumor that turns out to be some extra terrestrial that turns out to be cheeky and makes sexual jokes while you're sleeping. Because I'll be busy being all healthy and shit.

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b said...

It's horrible. But here's more about American tastes:

In 2000, Holy Land introduced hummus flecked with jalapeƱo. More recently, the company, which makes about 100,000 plastic tubs of hummus each month for the Midwest market, rolled out guacamole-flavored hummus. By August, its blend of hummus and peanut butter will hit the shelves. “That one is for my daughter, Noor,” Mr. Wadi said. “She didn’t think she liked hummus. Then we stirred in peanut butter.”