Thursday, August 26, 2010

McDonalds Just Wont Stop Killing Us

Brooklyn based artist Elizabeth Demaray is currently exhibiting her piece "Corpor Esurit" at Exit Art, NY. Her piece which is featured in the New York Times is explained as an art piece that contains ants who live on McDonalds food: "For one month, the ants, which usually thrive on seeds, are being fed a steady diet of McDonald’s Happy Meals. They even get the toys."

Many of you might now think "Oh, lucky ants! Cheeseburgers and child labour produced-toys instead of seeds, why they must be the happiest ants on earth!"

Uhm. No. I don't think so. Simply because:

"At the gallery last week, many of the ants were dead. A few looked disoriented. This exhibit lacks a queen and brood, so the workers are leading a life devoid of its fundamental purpose." [NY Times]

That's right children. Ronald McDoanld will kill you in your sleep.

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