Monday, September 20, 2010

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaack

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! So I'm back ya'll! It's been a couple of hectic days with a wonderful holiday, awesome birthday and moving into a new flat in London! But now I'm here, ready to make my sarcastic and insightful remarks about all the edible nonsense that exists in this wild world of ours.

So. With my newfound love of olive oils and honey I'll get down to some dirty business in my next posts.

PS. PS. PS. PS! Remember this post. Well, I can actually tell you guys that I got my mom and dad hooked on it as well and we feel great! I have not had a cold since I started taking it and a spoonful every morning really gives you some long lasting energy.

Also, walking down Portobello Road yesterday I saw a big sign outside a honey/bee pollen shop that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIVE, and it showed this 100-year old sweet man that was talking about how he would eat some bee pollen every day and a spoon of Manuka Honey.

And now he's a 100 years old. So if you want to live until 2080, do what Clive and I do.

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Nadja said...

Yaaaaaay!! I love that you're back! I'm on your, healthy, green, vegiterian side now you know!