Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes. Even evil stuff can be organic. Like Republicans.

Some things in life are just really difficult, complex and a bit of a pain in the ass to make. Babies are one example, airplanes another and oh yeah, pancakes too apparently. Batter Blaster knows is an everyday dilemma so they have come up with the awesome idea for all you lazy pancake lovers: Pancakes in a Spraycan. Organic ones. OMG.

Yay. You don't have to spend all those sweaty hours anymore making pancakes in the kitchen, not to mention that big ass shopping list for all the ingredients like flour, milk, egg. And salt. (.......) Anyway. Life is just so simple now with Batter Blaster. I mean nevermind all those extra ingredients in your spraycan pancakes like soybean powder, Sodium lactate and DiCalcium phosphate.

It's all organic (Oooo) and it's in a can. Even though this screams Diet Fat Free Cheesecake (wtf) I say go ahead. Soon, everything will come from a can. Even babies.

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