Friday, October 8, 2010

All Fish & Chips Lovers Are Gonna Shit Their Pants.

It's a celebration today if you're into fried fish corpses and cancer provoking potato!
All ya'll know how difficult it can be putting salt and vinegar on your fish and chips; things can get soggy, things can get messy, and sometimes not so tasty.

But do not panic! An American company called J&D have invented the Malt Salt. So for "about £2.80 for a union flag decorated pot, it is made by blending sea salt and malt vinegar and, the blurb claims, stops your fish and chips getting as "cold and soggy as a Seattle winter"." [The Guardian]

Marvelous! Oh, and if you're in a shopping mood why not also get J&D's specialty: The Bacon Salt. Because, according to J&D, "Everything should taste like Bacon".

Of course it should.

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