Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday, walking around London I stumbled across a Planet Organic. I went, picked up some lunch and went ahead to UCL to do some...[sigh] studying.

And then I had a food orgasm. Like majorly. The delicious spinach and tofu pancake with the tofu cheesecake as dessert was just...perfect.

The whole UCL library probably heard me moan but it was so good. I wish I had one of those cheesecakes right now *Homer Simpson drool*.

I know, I know. Tofu Cheesecake? That does not even sound right to me, but to my tasting was SO RIGHT. Believe me, it was right. So if you're ever around a Planet Organic or a Whole Foods, make sure that you try the Tofu Cheesecake from Laura's Idea.

It's probably better than the rabbit. Tihi.

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