Monday, October 25, 2010

Breaking The Myths!

Yay. I get happy when me readers sends me links and saves me like...98% of the job. Like today! My friend send me a link on myths about vegetarianism. The myths were faced with some good old real down to earth-answers.

Here are some myths and the sassy truths!

1. Myth #1: You can’t get enough protein eating vegetarian food.

"Nonsense. The standard Western diet contains several times the amount of protein the human body needs, thus those of us who embrace part time vegetarianism and eat two or three veggie meals a week have absolutely nothing to worry about. Vegans have a bit more work to do here to get enough protein, but a diet containing generous servings of whole grains, legumes, and nuts will easily do the trick."

Myth #2: There isn’t enough fat in a vegetarian diet.

"Anyone who’s ever met up with a big tub of delicious guacamole knows that fat is hardly limited to meat-based meals. And the standard Western diet is so fat-laden that we can easily ingest far more fat than we need. The fact that most vegetarian meals contain much less fat than most meat-centered meals is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Veggie cuisine makes eating healthy a lot easier."

Myth #3: Vegetarians are freakish militants intent on banning all meat.

"If you took the time to actually get to know some vegetarians, you’d find the vast majority of them are quite peaceful...most vegetarians quietly go about their business eating a healthy and perfectly satisfying diet, and they are okay with you eating meat if that’s what you choose to do." (Hahaha, they haven't met me yet folks!)

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