Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Happy Meal Makes A Sad Sad Body

On April 26 2010, New Yorker Sally Davies bought a McDonald's happy meal. She left it on her coffee table with nothing covering it at all - for six months. According to Miss Davies, there were "no worms, mold, smell, or visible decomposition of any kind." She documented this by taking a picture of the meal everyday, click here for the video.

Stuff like this scares the shit out of me. Not only because this is gross but also because we humans have yet to discover the cure for HIV and cancer but HEY EVERYBODY McDonald's has come up with some NASA shizz technology that allows a hamburger (meat and bread - food that normally decomposes after a couple of days in the open) to remain solid and intact for six freaking months. Now that is some high-tech futuristic science right there.

The hamburger will probably stay this solid inside your body too, I mean never mind proletarian manners like actually digesting your food, that's just so 1764. It's all about preservation nowadays ya'll! Even if it means bowel cancer and a population with constipation. Go science!!!

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