Sunday, October 10, 2010

Organic Thug Luv

As we all know, I am way into organic stuff. Nowadays with my job at the organic store, with the organic market on Saturdays right next to me and Whole Foods just 15 min away, I have the fortune to eat around 80% organic. Yay.

Last night when I was eating my organic apple, a little insect came crawling out of it. My initial reaction was to throw the apple away and cry with disgust over this little alien invading my apple and ruining 'Apple Sunday'.
But my next reaction was: "Wait a minute. If this little 8 legged munchkin can live inside this apple happily, it must mean that this apple is completely untouched and pure and like...spiritual or something.

So what did I do? I ate the poor bastard and the apple.

Kiddddding. I set him free. Into a napkin.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha, du åt inte äpplet om jag känner dig rätt!/ Carlota