Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scary Facts

1. Today, 40% of the U.S population suffer from heart problems. A 100 years ago, it was less than 3%.

2. During the years 1935-2005, when people in Europe and North America started to excessively consume vitamin pills and supplements , diseases such as cancer, allergies and asthma rose extensively.

2. The consumption of a US citizen of processed food is 62%. In the UK it's 58%.

3. The typical consumption of fruit and vegetables by a UK citizen is less than 12%. That includes potato chips and fries, since potato is a vegetable.

4. Folic Acid which the media recommends pregnant women to take is not something which can be found in nature. It's completely synthetic and has actually been proven to increase the cancer risk within the mothers who take it.

5. Heart diseases is the number one death cause in the whole world. More people die from that than of starvation. We are officially dying by the symptoms of overweight instead of underweight for the first time in human history.

Source: Lecture by Dr. Joel Fuhrman at the Royal Institute in London.

PS. Yes I was there tonight.

PSS. Yes it was amazing.

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Rich's Good Food said...

Scary stuff indeed! I too am trying to spread word about eating healthy & from scratch, and avoiding processed food!
Just found your blog, good stuff!