Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Foie Gras?

A French fast food chain called 'Quick' is lauching their elusive new dish: a cheap fois gras burger. Now, Foie Gras is not cheap. Even I as a vegan know that duck livers are expensive. So, when you put something like this out on the market which comes with beef, lettuce and some onions for 5 euros I tend to go "hmmm" and scratch my little head. How can it be so cheap I wonder?
Well...it's not that physical evolution in ducks just totally freaked out and started creating super ducks with giant livers. No. These ducks are being force-fed with corn. This is so absuive it's beyond words. Now, Santa, all I want for christmas is to force feed the consumer of this cheap Foie Gras Burger with...cheap corn. Thank you.

Merry Xmas & RIP Duckies.


Anonymous said...

Hey C.C. Authentic Foie gras involves force feeding ducks. It happens today all over the world and the french even have a law for this.This isn't new territory. Sorry :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, interesting piece but "Quick" isn't French, it's Belgian