Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dangerous Articles

So MSN's Style section posted an article about unhealthy food that is actually not that unhealthy. I know.

Apparently a full English breakfast is not that bad at all! According to the article:

"While conventional thinking suggests a fry-up would be the unhealthiest breakfast option, research suggests that it could in fact be the best way to start the day. A University of Alabama study found that a breakfast of bacon and eggs, though high in fat, appears to programme the metabolism for the rest of the day."

Uhm. I think cocaine does the same. So the BEST WAY is probably to start your day with a lil white line ey? What really worries me is that people reading stuff like this take this "info" [read lies] into account and are actually sickening themselves.

People, people. Don't be stupid. If its fried, made out of flesh, and bathing in oil and grease it aint right.

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