Monday, January 24, 2011

And We Shall All Have Nightmares Tonight

Yesterday a friend showed me something so horrific it's hard for me to even write this post. She showed me a picture of a pie her friend had. Now this was Chicken and Mushroom pie of a famous brand which all the shops sell here in England. Her friend was happily enjoying his dinner until he found himself chewing...on something hairy. Something very hairy.

This is what he found.

He does not know what it is, however it has been speculated (by me) that it could be a longhaired rat of some sort or an accident in the pie factory which resulted in a bleeding scalp of one of the factory workers named Julio.

The moral of the story? Don't eat ready meals. Especially not if the whole freaking thing you're eating is cleverly covered by pastry. Oh, and Sweeney Todd still lives on it seems.

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Fy vad ackligt! Bra blogg!

C.C said...

I know! tack! :)

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Marta said...

Fucking disgusting! aaaaaa