Friday, January 28, 2011

Lost Outside London

Tonight I'm in one of the most rural and long forgotten small towns in England: Loughborough. Now, there are not that many things to do here on a Friday evening besides tipping cows or going to the local pub and since I'm an animal friend and not so much of a pub girl, I've decided to go to a little bigger city in a challening quest for some vegan food.

Tonight we're going to Squeek in Nottingham, an awesome vegan and organic restaurant which basically looks like someone's kitchen with curtains, non-matching plates and random old pictures hanging of the wall. Last time I went there I had a food orgasm (after an hour of waiting for my food - but it was worth it) and I'm looking to have a multiple one tonight with their vegan desserts and their vegan hot chocolate. I'm dribbling on my keyboard now so I have to go. Ta.

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