Monday, January 24, 2011

The Magic Brown Powder

You know when you eat chocolate and the second after you've finished it, you feel this strong urge to kill yourself for being so gross and fat? Well, don't suck on that pistol just yet girlfriend! Now, you can actually have chocolate without really having it!

Introducing: LeWhif, the little smart tube which sprays chocolate powder straight into your mouth! LeWhif gives you the elusion of having that irresistible chocolate - without the calories! Yaaay. According to their website, LeWhif was invented by a Harvard Professor along with "student, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs".

That's what I've always wanted. An entrepreneur and a student, designing stuff in a lab for me to put into my body. Sigh.

Let's all have a silent minute today and honour the death of real food. Amen.


rara said...

hi c.c.! found something of interest for you:
maybe you've see it already, bu thought i'd share it anyways. dig your blog - keep it up!

C.C said...

Thank you rara, glad you like the blog! Spread the word and maybe some day we'll eat normal food again.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Josefina Boston's blog. Wow, u do educate me, indeed. Very intresting. My big question is tho, how do u do to get protein in ur diet? Im working out professionally 6 days a week and can not cope if i aint eat high amounts of protein. Would be nice to see more recepies in ur blog. Good job, once again, keep it up babe.

C.C said...

Hi! Well, I'm all about education ;)

You do work out quite a lot, like I do for some periods of time and protein on a vegan diet is certainly not a problem if you know what you're doing.

I get my own protein from nuts, seeds, beans and tofu which is really high in protein and has got minimal amount of fat. The myth that a high protein percentage only comes with meat is basically what sells meat, and the meat industry feed this myth all the time.

Read this one for a bit of insight:

And I'm def going to put up some recipes or link to them in the future!

Matilda said...

Wow, thanks for ur reply!!! U got a new reader, for sure! I used to live in Ldn and i go there often so its always nice and nostalgic to read the Ldn blogs, and now, to get vegan shops and restaurant tips!! :) Matilda xx