Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The obscure "Me, Tarzan, You, Jane"-Mentality

Often when I tell people that I'm a vegan, I get the response: "Well, I'm easygoing. I'll eat anything." That to me is like saying "I'll screw anything" or "I'll kill anything".

I mean bravo to you son.
How intellectual of you to do every single thing that you are capable of. Never mind the fact that we have been blessed with brains that also are capable of making moral and ethical choices. If you can do it, then you must.

There is a general understanding of vegans as people being trapped in Birkenstock sandals and hemp hoodies with no real understanding of the freedom they actually have in choosing what they can eat. I once had a friend saying: "Oh my gosh, sweetie. You know you're missing out on chicken right? I mean fried chicken it's the best, maybe you can eat it just a couple of times a month?"

Ok. Come on now. Of course I know I can eat meat if I want. But I also know that I can feed a baby cocaine, tattoo a butterfly on my ass and campaign for the tea party. Somehow, however, those things does not go in line with my moral views on life. So I don't.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we should do everything we can do, because that is our God given right as human beings. Yeah. Come on people: let's build factories that pollute the water, let's devastate the Brazilian rain forests, exploit people in third world countries, create a platform for trafficking, set anorexia as a standard of beauty and...oh, wait, what? We already done all of that? Sorry, my bad.

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We met last night at the talk at LSE and got chatting. You have inspired and convinced me to go from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. Great blog site by the way. Anyway it was really nice meeting you. You can e-mail me back on
Hope you will join our meet up group

Best wishes