Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turkey Zombies

I know a lot of people that defend their meateating habits by stating things such as "But I only eat lean meat such as turkey and chicken." Ok. And I only smoke heroin, I don't inject it. Please.

Here is a little fun fact for those "healthy" turkey eating peeps: Did you know that the mainstream turkey which is sold in all the supermarkets today is a genetically modified animal? Yessur. It can't stand properly, not walk and certainly not fly or jump very high (as the turkeys constructed by mother nature used to do). These turkeys have to be injected with sperm by humans to procreate because they can't even do that anymore themselves. They have been "shaped" to look a certain way in order for the meat industry to make maximum profit. Why? Because sick animals generates more profit. They don't require that much food because they can't move, and the same things goes with space and human care. These turkeys are so genetically screwed up that they're barely functioning.

Sure, these turkeys live an extremely painful life without ever really moving and eventually they are put into water with electricity alive hanging from it's feet, but that's OK because at least you'll get your turkey for a good price from the supermarket when you cut off all the costs it actually takes to take care of an animal properly.

So. Healthy meateaters, now you can enjoy your genetically zombified turkey which lived a life in excruciating pain. Bon Appetit.


M & B said...

Du skriver jättebra saker men också som att alla människor som inte väljer att leva som du är dumma idioter. De flesta vet bara inte om det du vet så du skulle kunna använda din blogg till att informera utan en så bitter attityd /M

C.C said...

Ack, men utan livets bittra smak skulle vi ej kunna uppleva sötheten. Tack för att du läser.