Thursday, January 27, 2011

Veal You Stop?

Ever heard about 'white veal'? It's considered as a delicacy by some people, though other people with this weird notion of compassion usually refer to as cruel and abusive. Let me explain: White veal is basically calves who are taken away from their mothers, forced to live in cramped spaces, have their legs broken and/or their movements restricted in some way, in order to avoid muscle growth. This calves are fed a milk diet throughout their lives, until they are killed at only eight months old. The milk diet and the intentional physical crippling of them gives the meat the white colour and "a special tenderness".

This is today prohibited in the UK, but it doesn't stop many factory farms here to send newborn calves on long and though journeys to other European countries who still allows these cruel type of breeding.

It is actually surprising to me that humans will go this far in their quest for "tender" food. Taking a baby from it's mom, continuously exploit him and force feed him until it you kill him at eight months old, because you want some tender flesh to bite into.


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