Monday, January 31, 2011

When Your Plate is Bigger than Your Head

The previous dietary guidelines for the American population by the federal government was a bit of a no brainer: eat more fruit, not so much cake, and why don't you cut down on the salt too?

Obviously it didn't work since Americans became fatter and still holds to the first place in being the heaviest people on earth. So now, the government is being a bit more blunt about it: Just eat less.

Woho. Someone had to do it. I remember when I went to Los Angeles a few years ago and ordered a small caesar salad. When the plate came in I was shocked by the sheer quantity of food, it was like I had a small farm with dead chickens on a plate in front of me - needless to say, the doggy bag lasted me for a while.

The portions sizes I saw in America were more like sizes of furniture than normal plate sizes. I think the whole country along the line of progression forgot that our stomachs are the size of a fist. So it gets quite tricky when you try to press down a meal the size of a horse into it. Just a thought.

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