Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why You Should Eat Raw Food

I am not a complete Raw Foodist myself, even though a try to keep as much food as I can raw. And now with my dehydrator, I am definitely looking to increase my raw intake. So. People have been asking me why Raw Food is good for you? I tell them it's like love: better when it's pure. Besides from that, you might also want to check out these reasons:

1. It prevents Enzyme Destruction; cooking food above a temperature of 43 degrees celsius is going to break down and destroy the enzymes in that food. And we need those enzymes for digesting our food and for other health reasons.

2. Your body's elimination system will get rid of the toxins created when you cook.

3. It is an alkalizing diet which is actually essential if you want to look and feel FAB. Read more here.

4. Raw Fats are Healthy Fats. Obviously.

5. You will get more energy - your body will be spending less time and energy on trying to break down that read meat which got stuck inside your bowel along with those popcorn you had last night. Good luck.

6. You will be able to pinpoint the type of trees, bushes and land your food comes from. You don't longer need to look down in shame every time you pass a fabric, knowing that your food probably was "created" in there.

7. You will actully be eating the food which was designed for us humans by...what's her name again, I forget, uhmm...oh yeah, MOTHER EARTH.

I would love to be a Raw Foodist myself, I mean who wouldn't want to be a Raw Vegan with cool hemp accessories but I have to be honest: it can be quite hard sometimes during the winter months I spend in Sweden. I mean I love snow and potatoes but it gets a bit boring eating them every day.


mans said...

Nice blog, would have been nicer without the sarcasm. Either way, you are spreading a good message. There are lot more facts about eating raw that is proven to work for our body and mind, may be, you want to update those here. Thanks for spreading the message. It is high time, humanity needs to be saved from burgers, processed foods and refined sugars.

Anonymous said...

Keep the sarcasm! That's is why I'm reading your blog.

C.C said...

Oh I will. Sarcasm is the essence of life.