Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kids Don't Like Numbers And Facts - Shocking

A study led by NYU which was published on Reuters website yesterday claims that children don't really care about the calories posted on fast food menus. Uhm. No shit? These are children we're talking about. They are not going to care about some odd numbers printed down on their Happy Meal box. The idea of printing down the calories on restaurant menus was implemented by President Obama as a way of raising awareness in the US about the foods calorie content and fight obesity.

I get what he is trying to do and I salute it but again, these are kids. Kids that put peanuts into their noses, watch Tellietubbies and eat sand for Christ sake. They're not going to go ''Oh My Gosh'' when they read they caloriecount on the menu and slowly put down their cheeseburger while giving their moms a look that could kill.

No. The best way to scare kids off dirty food is to present them with a ''Fat Face''-picture on the side of the fatty foods in the menu and to let all the waiters who serve hamburgers, fries and pizza be obese and a bit sweaty while the real good food should be served by cool midgets on rollerblades who sing the latest Justin Bieber song.

Obesity rate would go down with 20% in the US within a month.

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