Monday, February 7, 2011

The War on Terror...I mean Pizza.

Ahh, god ol' America. A fine country who love their wars, their guns and their pizzas. So what happens when suddenly, the country decides to fight one of its biggest loves? No, I'm not talking about Snooki or a monstertruck. It is far more beloved than that.

According to food news site Eater, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has declared war on Pizza. In their recent report they blame the Pizza for being America's second biggest source of fat, due to all it's hefty amount of cheese as well as being the third biggest source of sodium. After cakes and doughnuts, Pizza is the second biggest source of calories for children and young adults.

The report goes on and on about the evils of Pizza and there's even a section of how the master of all pizzas is hiding somewhere in a cave in Afghanistan and how Bush plans to "smoke him out". Ok, not really.

Isn't it funny how Pizza, which was first derived from Neapolitan cuisine during the 1800's has fed millions of Italians through the years and not really kept them that fat? I mean the original recipe (tomato, mozzarella, basil and dough) isn't all that different from todays recipe. Or is it?

What is it that we do to/with our food that makes us gain so much weight? This goes for bread, pasta and potatoes too, staple foods which has been feeding people for centuries. Is it that we eat a lot more, that we've added too much fat, or is it all the additives, the pesticides, the light versions that suddenly makes a us have to book two flight seats for our bigbehinds?

I don't know you guys, I just don't know.

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