Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For The Love Of Blog, Please Get Your Freak On

Today my sweet beloved dad gave me a strange look in the kitchen while I was preparing my lunch.
"Since you've gone vegan you spend a lot of time in the kitchen" he said.
"Sure" I said.
"It requires an awful lot of preparation" he continued. I didn't say anything.
"It's all a bit too much no?" he persisted. Oh, sweet beautiful dad. He should not have said that. Out came the background to this post which he was forced to listen to while I ambitiously peeled my cucumber. And now it's your turn amigos.

Since when have we humans stopped viewing food as something which has to be gathered and carefully prepared before we can put it into our bodies? We have begun assuming that food is something which is easily obtained, preferably with a cooking time under 2 minutes in the microwave. We think nothing of complete meals wrapped up in plastic boxes or soups in a plastic cup along with store-bought bread and canned fruit. Freezed fish sticks or burgers and ready-made salads in plastic bags are the norm today. We don't prepare food, we don't even cook it. God forbid you should actually make something from scratch and miss this week episode of Gossip Girl while you're slaving with chopping up some salad.

And you know what the saddest part is? NOBODY IS QUESTIONING IT. Do you know what we question though? We question weird freaky people who actually bake their own bread, grow their own tomatoes, press their own juices or cook their own stews from scratch - those are the weirdos. The weirdos are the ones who don't consume pre-packed food or e-numbers. The weirdos are the ones who don't like cancer provoking pesticides on apples or aspartame in their drink. The weirdos are the ones who think that it's something fishy about instant kebab-flavoured noodles in a plastic cup which cooks under 2 minutes. Those are the weirdos.

Well you know what? I must be a freak of nature then.

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