Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Confirmed: Sarah Palin is a Froot Loop

I like Jamie Oliver. Not only because he cries about American's eating themselves to death, but also because he called Sarah Palin a "Froot Loop" according to AP News. Go Jamie, you sassy brit!

Jamie criticized Mrs. Froot Loop's approach to the food habits of school children in America since she and other conservatist openly opposed the Obama Administration's healthy eating initiatives. According to the Froot Loop and her entourage, "telling children what to eat is government meddling"and "parents should decide what their children should eat".

Not only does this statement smell like the old fear of communism with the love for American cheesecake but also of pure ignorance.

By now, I think we can all agree on that no, most parents in America don't know how to feed their children. Why do I say that? Uhm, maybe because one in three American kids are obese? Maybe because Spaghetti Tacos is a favorite amongst American children? Or maybe because one in three American adults are obese as well?

Dear Mrs. Froot Loop, just give it up. America's children will not start saluting Mao and call each other comrade just because of some governmental guidelines on healthy eating. I mean who knows, they might start breathing normally again and be able to walk up the stairs like ordinary children.

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