Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ask And I'll Tell #1 - Banana Dilemmas

I have a new feature on this blog. Each week I'll answer one reader's question. You can ask me about anything. Except about that time when I was 16 in Mallorca. I swear I didn't know it was illegal there. Anyway. Fire away with them. Here is this week's first question:

Dear CC,

Are bananas really evil? I have read that they are just full of sugar and if I want diabetes, I should keep on peeling and eating. Could you shed some light?



Dear Manish,

When I was a crazy teenager with a worrying Britney Spears-obsession, I'll admit I use to believe that bananas were evil. I mean think about it; they're all creamy, taste so sweet and have around 110 calories each. I used to fear them and only eat banana chips (as I said, I was a big Britney fan back then, I didn't really care about my body or my ears), until I started working out. In the gym I saw a lot of hot and ripped guys running around in sexy speedos, eating bananas. I thought it was crazy. How could they look so good and eat the most fattening thing in the world?

Well my dear reader. I read up a lot and found out that bananas actually restore your electrolytes, which is crucial after you've had a hard work-out. Bananas also helps against high blood pressure and is a good source of vitamin B6 as well as potassium (you know, the thing that makes your heart smile). Not to mention they are quite filling, yellow, and above all - they're funky. Though bananas do have an amount of fruit sugar in them, they are not bad for people with diabetes and should just be consumed in moderation - like everything else that mother earth gives us. (I'm looking at you cattle ranchers).
My advice to you dear reader is to keep eating your bananas and thank mother earth for her yellow fatty beans.

Yours truly, C.C aka. The Banana Bunny

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