Sunday, April 24, 2011

The IQ of a celery stick

Are you a bit on the slow side? Did your mother eat a lot of mainstream vegetables when she was pregnant with you? Well make the connection here sweetie, because a recent study has shown that

"children whose mothers are exposed to high amounts of certain pesticides while pregnant appear to have lower IQs than their peers when they reach school age, according to three recent government-funded studies."

So if you don't want to pass on the "stupid gene", you better eat them organic bio-dynamic tomatoes. That is if you can afford them of course - if not, there's always Hollywood.

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Anonymous said...

In fact it might be the industrial meat, rather than the mainstream vegetables.

[...] In his book, Diet for a Poisoned Planet, David
Steinman reports that of all the toxic chemicals found in food, 95 to 99 percent come from meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. He also reveals that many of the tests performed don’t even detect many chemicals and pesticides. The Food and Drug Administration’s own Total Diet Study found that bacon had 48 different pesticide residues, bologna and other luncheon meats had 102 different industrial pollutants and pesticides, fast food hamburgers had 113 residues, hot dogs had 123, and ground beef had 82 industrial chemical and pesticide residues, just to name a few. In comparison, meat contains
14 times more pesticides than plant foods, and dairy has 5 times
more pesticides than plant foods. [...]

Quote from this awesome book: